Specialty Vehicles Australia (SVA) is a newly formed group of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) representing the Street Rod and Custom Built vehicle industry in Australia.

SVA incorporates constructors, service and repair shops, engineering services and the Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV) manufacturers, who produce cars such as the Roaring Forties, GT40 or Python Vehicles’ 1960 Ford Cobra. ICV’s can include racing cars, sports car replicas and off-road vehicles.

There are approximately twenty Australian businesses producing ICVs, employing about 70 Australians full time, and further supporting a network of service providers and parts suppliers. Australia has a proud heritage of building low volume vehicles. These small businesses have produced some excellent examples over the years, especially racing specials, and many of them are unique.

SVA Membership also includes a cross section of Hot Rod and Street Rod enthusiasts and a variety of car and motorcycle clubs.

Australia’s automotive industry is one of niches. Some sectors are niches within niches, as is the case with ICV manufacturers. These small businesses play second fiddle to Australia’s large car makers, but their employment and economic impact is significant. SVA has created a formal voice, under the banner of VACC, to help create dialogue with bodies like VicRoads on local codes that threaten the sustainability of the ICV industry.

VACC and SVA deal with the issues up front on behalf of the industry. Although various issues need to be sorted out, Design Rules, EPA issues, lighting, emissions standards, and the National Scheme for pre-1949 vehicles are all on the agenda for the newly formed SVA.

SVA has a cross-section of individuals in its membership with a great wealth and breadth of knowledge, helping to protect and grow the industry. Working with organisations such as VicRoads, EPA, Transport and Regional Development and the Department of Infrastructure, SVA prides itself in being a resource and wealth of information.