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As part of a new series, we will be covering cities in britain, along with why they're excellent traveling locations, we're going to cover the spot itself and some of the things that you could get up to within this site, the initial area in this series is going to be my home community, Colchester.

liverpool escortsBeing the oldest registered roman location, and still having most of the roman buildings, like the castle undamaged, there's a lot of history in this small town, and a lot to perform inside the town…


As said before, Colchester castle is a fantastic approach to read about the story of Colchester and covers the history through the Romans to the Normans, there's a lot to display here, along with tons of dynamic exhibits and artifacts from an old time to discover more about, additionally, there are historians around the area who even offer you guided tours, if you enjoy your history then traveling to this is a must!

The castle can be found in Castle Park, which is a very good park with frozen goodies, play parks and plenty of seating, suitable for a picnic and frequently employed for conventions such as the drink and food festivity.


Scored one of the best Zoos in Europe, you will be doing yourself a severe detriment not visiting here should you like Zoos. Good for a day trip, with plenty of animal exhibits and also locations to get food (very costly however) however with day passes and many locations for a picnic, it's an optimal day trip.


The re-purposed church, renowned for actively playing numerous gigs in addition to live audio, when you're within Colchester it then will be a great idea to have a look whats on throughout your time there, there might be a thing there truly worth looking at!


For a town of which quite a few assert should be a City (Absence of Cathedral and Chelmsford getting it instead - some are nevertheless salty about this) the high street is quite crammed, with all the franchised shops you would likely anticipate, such as a Mcdonalds, KFC, Weather-spoons ETC. But in addition provides even more distinctive (for the time being) franchises like Five Guys or a Taco Bell!

There are also a lot of cool community clubs including the Castle, and that is right beside castle park, and fairly quaint, allowing it to be ideal for a soothing pint at the end of your day, or even after having a visit to the museum!


A part of the thing that makes Colchester a real popular place that has had the chance for such expansion would be the University. Colchester houses The University of Essex, which is one of the main educational institutions in the region, having a business center to aid small business, along with a public space with a lot of reasonably nice cost effective restaurants and cafes.

The university has the benefit of lots of bars plus clubs, which are funded through the university itself and typically freely available, so is a chance for low cost alcoholic beverages as well as a entertaining night out.

Speaking of that…


For a town, Colchester does have some night life, with there being numerous clubs and pubs which are open through to the early hours in the early morning, and therefore if your checklist for the holiday has clubbing or possibly a club crawl in it, then there are many night clubs as well as bars to pick from!

The main night clubs folks visit are Atik, Yates and Three Wise Monkeys, all of these offer a various kind of experience, with all of them having occasions through the month. Obviously Colchester isn’t the local Ibiza, but the clubbing arena certainly isn’t bad if that’s what you like!

And that’s what you are able to do inside Colchester! As you can tell there's a lot of assorted activities for you to do and something for everyone, so if all of this looks good to you then you will want to pop down and see what all the hype is about!


To be honest, if you are a lover of the sesh, then while Colchester does have a satisfactory sesh, it pales as compared to the offerings further up to the north, such the the well-known night life that Liverpool can offer. The matter that really helped to make liverpool stand out could be the partner you are able to bring along with you, if your searching for an companion to make your escapades considerably more fun up north, then Minxx escort Agency are the guys for you!