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I believe many people have experienced the following:

At this time, the image that emerges in my mind is: If I have wings, it will be good to fly home immediately!

So, is there a good solution? Of course!

Oray Corporation, which specializes in network service management, produced a remote boot hardware device - the sunflower boot bar. With it, no matter where you are, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or a computer, you can remotely wake up your home computer and fully control it!

Is the bauble in the figure above, only the size of the usb backup hard drive - - drive, very small. One end is connected to the LAN port of the router with a network cable; the other end is connected to the power supply. Note that the home computer must also use a network cable to connect to the same router, and it can be remotely booted to wake up and be controlled! (Not a laptop with a wired network is not applicable)

Is not it simple? Let's take a closer look at the magic of this boot bar!

The product is packaged in a four-square box with only the size of a palm. Accessories also have only one Micro USB cable, which is the most commonly used data cable for Android phones. There is no power adapter, you just need to find a mobile phone charger plug it!

The product is really small and it's very convenient to carry around. However, we usually throw it at home to accompany the desktop, and will not easily take it out.

Another connection diagram is at a glance.

The sunflower pattern on the fuselage is not only a makeup decoration, it is also an indicator light, can emit red, green, blue and other lights and flashes, through the light can determine the boot bar's working status.

When the power is turned on, the indicator light will flash, and if it stabilizes, it will be normal if everything turns green.

Of course, prior to use, the accused computer still needs to confirm one thing. It is to turn on the wake-up function of the network card in the CMOS/BIOS. How to open it? After entering the computer's CMOS/BIOS settings, look for options in Power Options, such as Wake on LAN', 'WOL', 'Boot on LAN', 'PME Event WakeUp', 'Power On by PCI Card', 'Power On By PCI Devices ', 'Wake-Up by PCI card', 'Wake Up On PCI PME' and so on, the computer motherboards have different wordings. If you don't understand the words, you can always find the universal girl, or pay attention to the sunflower public number. Related solutions.

Then, you also need to install client software on the computer being controlled and install the host software on the phone, tablet or other computer.

Into the sunflower official website to download the corresponding software installation on it.

Before the official use, you need to log in to the sunflower management website to add and bind boot bars.

After the binding is successful, you can enjoy remotely waking dwarfed up and controlling your home computer with your mobile phone!

Open the phone control APP, you can see the host has been bound, click on the need to boot the computer.

You can send a power-on command, wait a minute or two, and wait for your home computer to boot.

If all goes well, you can enter the control interface. There are 5 functions here, namely desktop control, camera, desktop viewing, remote file and CMD function.

Most of us use the desktop control function, of course, is actually a remote operator computer.

When I saw the desktop in my home, I was excited for a while~~

The screen of the mobile phone is somewhat small, but it does not matter, you can easily zoom in and drag with your fingers. Clicking anywhere is a click operation. The APP also provides analog mouse functions, as well as a multitude of shortcut keys, for easy operation.

Suspended vertical screen operation is not convenient, you can also cross the phone.

Try to open the browser webpage, as long as the internet speed is fast enough, it is embarrassing to open the webpage speed. Can't see the font? It doesn't matter, zoom in and out.

This time, we must be able to see clearly!

Let's take a look at the remote control of my home desktop with an office computer:

Compared to using a free mobile phone, using a computer to remotely control a home desktop is even more convenient! As long as the internet speed is fast enough, it will be similar to the operation of your local computer!

Using a tablet to control, you can also get a computer-controlled experience!

This remote control, but complete control! What do you want to do with your home computer?

So be sure to protect your own sunflower account password, do not be known by others, do not blame me I did not remind you!

In fact, I have also extended a usage scenario: I can use my home desktop as a private cloud! How to do it? You only need to install Blackgroup on your home computer. However, if the desktop is turned on 24 hours a day, the electricity bill is astronomical, which is not worth the candle. With this boot bar, go home for tourism or winter vacation is not afraid, remote wake up before going to bed at night, upload and download backup photos, pass good to shut down! Home computers are used less often. Now they can be used as 'waste'. Isn't it cool?

Of course, if you encounter the scenario mentioned in this article, dear, you know what to do?

There may be many friends who propose other solutions, such as using a router to boot, or a more advanced method. But I think those methods are too complicated, and ordinary users are not willing to toss. On the contrary, this sunflower boot bar is simple enough to not only boot, but also provide a full set of remote control software, etc. White users can easily get started!


1, very small, easy to carry and install.

2, although small things, but functional and practical, to solve the user's remote boot major problems.

3, can provide a full set of solutions to remote boot to control, white can easily get started.


1. An exclusive edition boot stick can only be bound to one computer. If there are multiple computers, you need to purchase more than one and spend more.

2, remote documents, cameras and other functions also need to pay for additional use, not close to the people.