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Chapter 6 CD and CD Drives

1 CD-ROM is a large-capacity external storage device characterized by ()

A can only read can not write

B handles data faster than floppy disk

C can only write can not read

D can write and read

2 optical drive performance indicators do not include ()

A data transmission rate

B visit time

C cache capacity

D laser head life

3 We often hear about the 40X drive, which refers to the drive ()

A average speed

B fastest speed

C Cache

D speed

4 About DVD, the following description is incorrect ()

A DVD is an abbreviation for Digital Versatile Disc

B DVD and CD use almost the same technology

C DVD and CD have the same capacity

D can read the contents of the CD in the DVD drive

5 The speed of the optical drive, which is often measured in multiple speeds, such as 40X optical drive is expressed as 40X. Where X is (), which is based on the speed of the earliest CD player

A 150KB/S

B 1.35MB/S

C 300KB/S

D 385KB/S

6. Which of the following is incorrect for the description of the disc structure ()

A. The bright side of the optical disc is the carrier of each functional structure called the substrate.

B A one-time record of a disc is a process in which the substrate is coated with organic dyes and burned into one pit after another.

The C re-writable CD-ROM can be repeatedly burned on the substrate.

The reflective layer of the D disc is made of pure silver metal. \u0026nbsp;

7 The following description of various types of optical discs is incorrect ()

The maximum storage space of A CD is 670MB

B DVD's storage capacity is about 7 times that of CD

C DVDs and VCDs use different techniques to read data from the disc

D Blu-ray Disc uses blue laser light speed for read/write operations

8 The following is correct for each model of optical drive and its function description ()

A CD-R drive can only read CD data

B COMBO drive can read and write CDs, DVDs

C DVD-ROM drive can only read data from DVD discs

D CD-ROM drive can only read CD data

Which of the following 9 groups are not the main manufacturers of optical drives ()

A Asus, BenQ

B ASUS, Pioneer

C BenQ, Pioneer


10 In the following description of the performance indicators of optical drives, that one is wrong ()

The basic speed of A CD is 150KB/s

When the B drive reads data from the optical disk, its speed is consistent.

The C average access time refers to the time it takes for the optical head of the optical drive to move from the original position to the designated data area and read the first block of data in the area into the cache.

D Currently the built-in optical drive uses the SATA interface, and the external optical drive uses the USB interface.

11 When we use an optical drive, the correct method of operation is ()

A CD drive will open the door when reading the disk\u0026nbsp;

B optical drive in operation, move the chassis or move the drive to wake up the device

C CD-ROM drive there is no need to ignore the debris, directly into the drive to read

D regularly dust the optical drive and clean the laser reading device

12 About the reading speed of the optical drive, the following correct statement is ()

A The fastest time to read the outer data of the disc

B Read the fastest data on the inner circle of the disc

C data reading speed is constant

D is not necessarily

13 The thickness of our common CD disc is only 1mm, and the layer next to the substrate is called ()

A recording layer

B Print layer

C reflection layer

D Protective layer

14 The material used for the reflective layer of commonly used CD discs is ()

A pure gold

B sterling silver

C pure copper

D pure iron

15 currently the most mainstream optical drive product is ()


B CD burner

C combo


Second question

1. CD-ROM is a readable and writable external memory (\u0026times;)

2. DVD is an output device (\u0026times;)

3. CD-ROM can represent CD-ROM, also can refer to CD-ROM drive (\u0026radic;)

4. When selecting the optical drive, pay attention to his access speed data transfer rate, cache and brand. (\u0026radic;)

5. The substrate of the optical drive is where the data is recorded (stored) (\u0026times;)

6. Kangbao is a device that combines the functions of CD recorders and DVD-ROMs (\u0026radic;)

7. CD single speed is 150MB/S (\u0026times;)

8. When the optical drive reads data from the optical disk, the faster the reading of data on the outer ring, the slower the reading of the data on the inner circle (\u0026radic;)

9. Do not insert the disc into the optical drive when the disc is worn or there is debris.

10. When the optical drive is running, you can remove the CD (\u0026times;)

11. Blu-ray discs use red laser beams for read/write operations (\u0026times;)

12. The basic speed of a DVD drive is nine times that of a CD drive, and now the fastest speed of a DVD drive is 52 times. (\u0026times;)

13. After all discs are burned, they cannot be modified. (\u0026times;)

14. DVD is abbreviation of Digital Versatile Disc (\u0026radic;)


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