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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Westchester, 1767 Central Park Ave Suite #268, Yonkers, NY 10710, (914) 768-4888

Finishing hardwood floors could be complicated as a result of there are so many products and types to choose from. This makes the floor unsuitable for a synthetic finish, except you hire a professional to strip the wax totally. This information will present the steps you may must comply with to refinish your hardwood flooring and return them to their unique luster. Some applicators are made for oil-based finishes; others are made for water-based products.

This lets you embrace emblems, carved pieces, and contrasting species of wood colors instantly on the fabric surface. There are various different finishes which you need to use to protect the surface of your hardwood flooring. Earlier than staining, you may wish to apply a special wood sealer to the flooring.

If the top result is uneven, you possibly can all the time right it by re-sanding and re-staining the surface. Hardwood floors supply an eco-friendly and reasonably priced way so as to add beauty and worth to your own home or buisiness. One coat is of those wood flooring finishes is enough however two and three coats will give even higher safety.

Many of those are barely acidic in nature, and in the event that they spill and splatter on hardwood, they will eat away at the finish or cause everlasting staining within the wooden. Nonetheless, the application of a finishing agent , usually a polyurethane-based mostly sealer, can create an invisible surface over the wood, making it inconceivable (or at the least troublesome) for water to penetrate.

Once the first coat has been utilized and had time to dry completely, buffing with metal wool is required. If the finish flakes simply or is cracked or has an orange-peel look, you'll need to sand earlier than refinishing hardwood flooring. Polyurethane: Both oil- or water-based mostly, polyurethane is available in varied levels of luster and has a kind of plastic look.

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