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Are you working on an eight-hour desk job? Is your office located at the 44th floor of one of the tallest buildings in the city? Are you on-call 24/7? Are papers always piling up on your desk and you cannot seem to catch up or keep pace with them no matter how late you went home the previous night? If any of these is true for you, then you might just need a break!

no greater joy ministriesUrban life can be exciting, but city lights and fast cars may not be as relaxing when you came from a week of stressful work. So what better way can you spend a weekend but by getting closer to nature and having picnic with your loved ones.

Picnics have never fail to give people that much needed relaxing, worry-free and refreshing break. The word picnic can actually be taken as two words combined: pick and niche. Picking your niche means choosing your own place, like finding that one comfortable spot that will be yours alone, even for just a time. Being far from your everyday routine is always restful, especially if the time is spent with people who are important to you.

Can you recall the last time you have gone on a picnic? Was it with your family, friends or special someone? If it was that long already that you may have forgotten the joy that goes with it, then maybe it is high time you plan for one and rediscover how blissful it can be. And you do not need to worry because the fun starts with planning.

Summer is the best time for picnics. When the weather is this good, you will not have limitations in choosing your "niche." It can be in a park and go there with the kids. You can fly a kite together, run around like hell, play with the dog, eat cotton candy and ice cream or even climb trees. You can even just lie down, look at the sky and feel the refreshing air, and relax. It can also be by the riverside. Go fishing together, ride a boat and share the packed food you brought with you. Or go hiking and spend a day on top of a mountain. Look how close you can get to the sky. Then look down at how busy the city looks like from where you are standing and be grateful that at least for a time, you are not in there. Breathe deeply, free your mind from worries and take advantage of that short break. Just enjoy everything under the sun, both literally and figuratively.

When the sun is not that cooperative, you can have equally fun picnics. It is just that this time, you may opt for indoor places. A simple get together at your very own attic could be as fun when spent with your sons and daughters and your spouse. After all, it is really about bonding with them.

Picnics do not need to be grand. Food is usually potluck and home made. It is by the simplicity of the food that you will surprisingly find serenity. It gives you a break from the heavily prepared food at the restaurants you usually eat with your clients at work. Fresh fruits, barbecue and hotdogs, pastries, fried chicken - those would oftentimes fill up your picnic basket. The key is that they are easy to prepare, convenient to carry along with you and would not spoil immediately.

Machines go on shut down for reconditioning. Even computers have to be shut down; what more humans? If you are you looking for more info regarding No Greater Joy stop by our web site. So take that much needed break, call your loved ones and start packing for a weekend picnic.