Victorian Clubman Builders Group

The Victorian Clubman Builders Group is a club of enthusiasts dedicated to clubman type vehicles. The group is a medium for like-minded people to get together to talk about building, driving and enjoying clubman style vehicles.

From modest begins the group has grown to over 60 financial members. Our membership base has projects in all stages of building, from initial planning and parts sourcing through to engineering approval and driving their creations.

We aim to promote an exchange of knowledge and ideas to enable us to build vehicles and keep them well maintained, safe and efficient.

Our group isn’t just for the builders. We have a full calendar of drives and get-togethers, enabling not just an information resource for the individual builder but an enjoyable social scene.

The Victorian Clubman Builders Group is just one of many clubman groups throughout Australia, with regular nationwide get-togethers attracting more than 100 vehicles.


The clubman club movement started in 2000. It was an email-only association of approximately 100 enthusiasts from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and the ACT.

In 2003 8 Victorian enthusiasts got together, had a meeting and decided to form the Victorian Clubman Builders Group. Since then the club has grown to over 60 financial members.

For more information and a full calendar of upcoming events, visit our website.