Bonnevile Consulting

Bonneville Consulting provides professional certification services for the automotive industry, commercial vehicles and mobile equipment.

Our aim is to ensure that your vehicle is well designed, compliant with relevant Standards and safe to drive.

Key Services

  • Planning, testing and documenting the compliance of vehicles and their components (braking system, chassis, seats and seat belts) against the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for certification purposes;
  • Providing engineer’s reports for the construction of Individually Constructed Vehicle (kit cars) and street rods.  
  • Inspection and strength calculations of modified trucks and modified buses (chassis, brakes, suspension, axles, seat and seatbelt modifications) against Vehicle Safety Bulletins;
  • Inspection and strength calculations of modified cars (chassis, brakes, suspension, axles, steering, seats, seatbelts, engine and transmission modifications);
  • Inspection of imported trucks, cars and motorcycles for compliance with applicable ADRs; and
  • Inspection of mobile concrete pumps against relevant maintenance Standards.

Jean Christophe (JC) Bonneville - Test & Certification Engineer - Director

JC is a mechanical engineer with experience in the evaluation and certification of modified vehicles and is the director of Bonneville Consulting. He holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia and the Society of Automotive Engineers. JC is a recognised signatory with VicRoads under the Victorian Automotive Signatory Scheme (VASS no 1042).

JC specialises in ensuring modified bikes, modified cars, Individually Constructed Vehicles, modified trucks (wheelbase, body), motor home conversions and imported vehicles comply with construction and safety standards. JC also performs inspections of concrete placing equipment, as well as being involved in the testing of vehicles against ADR's requirements.

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